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How Much Does A Bad Reviews Really Cost Your Business?

True Cost Of Negative Reviews

As a business owner you like to think that everyone likes your business and that you should have more customers. Not every customer feels the same way though and if your not checking what past clients are saying about your business or services you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars every year for every negative review that you have!

Did you know just 1 negative review can cost your business over 30 potential customers? that means if your normal sale is $30 you could you could be losing over $900 each year for each negative review.

How much time do you spend on reviewing your online reviews? This could be the most affordable way to grow your business.

Wish you could have all the reviews come to you directly without having to go out and search for them? If you want to see how you can manage your reviews quickly and easily without spending countless hours finding out what people are saying then check out Bizzy Marketing Solutions

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